Claire in Motion

"A quiet breakthrough.”
– John Defore
“A quiet, intriguing drama ... [with a] lyrical texture.”
– Dennis Harvey
“..unique emotional and intellectual tenderness..”
– Nick Allen
“..a quietly affecting psychological mystery ..”
– Justin Chang
“Ms. Robinson and Ms. Howell have kitted out their movie handsomely.”
– Mahnola Dargis
"The performances dazzle, and the script does an expert job of balancing the mystery of the missing person story with the intimacy of Claire’s emotional struggle, the latter of which steals the show."
– Ashley Moreno
"What can one say about a film as perfect as Claire in Motion? With a script that subtly explores the realm of emotional conflict, and powerful performances from its ensemble of actors, the movie is a gentle tour-de-force about trauma and healing ...."
– Chrsitopher Llewllyn Reed

Quiet Earth

“Howell and Robinson build Claire in Motion like a thriller, often peeking into the abyss without dropping in.”
– Marina Antunes

Small Beautiful Moving Parts

"Effortlessly engaging … this is a small film and knows exactly how to be a small film. Like many New Yorker short stories, its purpose is to strike a particular note and allow it to reverberate.”
– Roger Ebert
“True to its title, the film is small, beautiful and moving.”
–  Matt Singer
“By turns precise and elliptical, like a meticulously crafted short story.”
– Joe Leydon
“Small Beautifully Moving Parts is a tiny sweet gem … effortless in its merging of 21st-Century techie stuff and that most basic of beta systems: our own hearts.”
– Joe Neumaier
“A well-observed little indie that goes off in pleasantly unexpected directions.”
– Critics Pick
“The filmmakers and Hollyman create such an endearing character.”
– Ian Buckwalter
“Leaves a smile on your face and leaves you wanting more.”
– David Noh
“Unmistakably human in its warmth, an indie road movie that runs like clockwork.”
– Stephen Saito
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